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Massage Is Not Just A Luxury. It's A Way Of A Healthier, Happier Life

 - Unknown

A&M Massage and Bodywork prides itself to provide a clean, relaxing and therapeutic space. We offer a variety of services to promote healing to the mind, body and spirit. We are located in the Downtown Village District of Holly Springs parallel to Main St. Massage therapist professionals accept online booking only and ask you to fill out intake forms instructed online. Please make sure to complete all booking processes to receive a confirmation. We will unlock the door 5 minutes before your scheduled time. We are  located upstairs, the first door on the right. We can't wait to meet and renew you!

Relaxation Services



Relaxation massage using long gliding strokes to focus on superficial muscles. This includes kneading, percussion and vibration.

60 Min - $90/90min - $115


Hot Stone 

These stones have multiple health benefit. It helps lower blood pressure.

Supports a healthy respiratory system and sinuses.

Boosts bone health and prevents muscle cramps.

Improves circulation.

Relieves anxiety and addresses insomnia.

Lightly exfoliates the skin and is highly relaxing.

60 Min - $105/90min - $145


The Wash (energywork)


Body Scrub 

We shed more than 50,000 cells  in a minute. Body scrubs remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs. We provide different scented scrubs for your needs.

 75 Min - $125/90min - $140


Mommy time

Prenatal massage improves labor outcomes and newborn health. It also helps reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains.

*must be in 2nd trimester to receive 

 60 Min only - $90

Enjoy the infused essential oil mist spray to wash unwanted energy with burning sage in your session.  We focus on breath work, calming the mind to help you get to a timeless experience. 

 60 Min - $80/ 90min - $95


Therapeutic Services


Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is best to workout  knots from fatigued, overworked muscles and connective tissue (fascia) to alleviate immediate pain, as well as chronic joint and muscle pain. 

30min-$55 60 Min - $100/ 90min - $125/ 120min - $155



This technique is a decompression treatment or vacuum therapy to reduce painful trigger points, improve circulation, blood and lymph circulation. Relieve pain. Promote mobility and range of motion.

 60 Min - $90/ 90min - $115


Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

Dry brushing helps stimulate the lymphatic system to push lymph that clogs up the lymph nodes. This also helps detoxify your skin by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage.


Sports/Rehabilitation Therapy

This technique is for anyone who needs to increase range of motion, performance in physical activities, blood flow to your muscles and improves your posture. This also is for athletes in preparation for any sporting event coming up. 

 30 min-$50/ 60 Min - $85/ 90min - $110


TMJ&Hip Therapy 

The jaw and hip joints are very similar. We enter the mouth to reach the unreachable muscles that cause jaw pain, teeth grinding, headaches, whiplash, ringing in the ears and more. Muscles of the hips are associated with the jaw. We focus on the pelvis as well. 

60 Min *upper body only- $80/ 75min - $95/ 90min - $105

60 Min - $80/ 75min - $90



Ashley Urquhart: Founder & CEO

An esteemed massage therapist, and a prominent figure in the wellness industry. As a Philadelphia native, she has brought her healing touch to clients across several states. Graduating from the prestigious Parker University of Massage Therapy in 2009 and further refining her skills at the Art of Healing Institute in Virginia in 2012, Ashley is a seasoned practitioner dedicated to the art of massage.

Ashley's dedication extends beyond her massage table. She is also a passionate massage educator and community activist. Her commitment to the field earned her accreditation as a continuing education provider by the NCBTMB, allowing her to make a significant impact in North Carolina. She is honored to serve on the council board of the United States Organization of Massage Therapists, contributing to the growth and excellence of the industry.

Ashley's entrepreneurial spirit shines as she proudly holds the title of Founder and CEO of MT Banquets, a nationwide wellness professional gathering dedicated to appreciation, networking, and motivation. She is also a valuable partner in 4 Nineteen Education & Training for the Black Massage Therapist Conference, a vital initiative that focuses on educating and enhancing the skills needed in the industry.

Beyond her impressive credentials, Ashley has been featured on renowned platforms such as '2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone' in Canada and the Nike Roach show, where her expertise has shone brightly. With a heart dedicated to healing and a vision to empower the massage therapy community, Ashley Urquhart is an inspirational force in the field.



Milton Hughes, a Virginia native, moved to Philadelphia, Pa to expand his career options. He was a chef at major country clubs, but wanted a change. Milton enrolled at Cortiva Institute, where he earned his certification in Massage Therapy and was licensed in 2015. He fell in love with the art of muscle therapy and later moved to North Carolina to fulfill  opportunities in his fresh career. Not long after, he received the Golden Healing Hands award at Massage Envy in 2016. He has a passion for calming his clients from a stressful day. He has been awarded for best in customer satisfaction in 2018-2019. In 2022, he and another therapist were voted the best massage therapist in Holly Springs. He is trained in sports, deep tissue, prenatal, reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage, trigger point therapy, Swedish and cupping. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his two beautiful girls and wife.

The A&M Team


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